The vision of the Backpack Assistance Program (BAP) is:


We foresee a day when our schools have adequately nourished students who can focus on the subject at hand, not where their next meal is coming from.  A future goal of the program will include learning proper nutrition and how to select, purchase, prepare, and serve healthy meals.  Local farmers will explain the benefits of using locally grown fruits and vegetables, and how to start their own little “victory” garden.

Farmers will lend their expertise on choosing meat and poultry from area farms and give kids instructions on having their own chicken coop, including how to raise and care for the chickens.  Being self-sufficient is a mindset that can be learned, lasts a lifetime, and can be passed down to the next generation.  There is a bright and sustainable future when we break the cycle of poverty and food insecurity in our community.

Ultimately, we look forward to a future when outstanding students will win scholarships from the BAP endowment fund, obtain their college degrees, and eventually return to us as teachers, role models, and community leaders.

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